Orchid Reed Diffuser - 200ml


Orchid is our richest fragrance. Peppered with dark, sensual notes - from Jasmine, Black Truffle, Ylang Ylang, Blackcurrant and citrus to the deepest, most indulgent notes of the Black Orchid itself. Pay attention and you’ll note a base of Sandalwood, Dark Chocolate, Incense, Amber, Vetiver and Vanilla. Our most intricate scent, for a fragrance that allures and is hard to pin down. 

OPTIMAL USE: Reed Diffusers are easy to use but you’ll get the best experience if you adopt the following guidance upon first use.
With each Reed Diffuser you’ll receive 8 reeds - designed to soak up the fragrance and facilitate our Scent Surround technology to maximise the endurance of the scent. We highly recommend using no less than 5 reeds at once, and ideally all 8, to ensure you have the most authentic scent. 
When receiving your Reed Diffuser, place the reeds into the fragrance oil and allow 24-36 hours for them to be fully saturated with your chosen fragrance.
You may also find it helpful to occasionally flip the reeds over to refresh your fragrance. 

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